Live & Local

They say, “Music soothes the soul.” At The Vermilion at Eastridge, it also soothes the mind, uplifts the spirit, and brings people together for the perfect social gathering.

Live Music That’s Local And Soulful

Our signature Live and Local music and arts program is beloved among all residents. Whether a performance is an afternoon pick-me-up or a Family Night fais do-do, music fills the community with an uplifting spirit that’s contagious to all. Ranging from a Cajun band bringing traditional Louisiana sounds to a local high school jazz band, there is no shortage of variety in the types of music and entertainment residents have to look forward to.

We enjoy live music and dance concerts from different musicians and performers throughout each month, including performances from the talented Ballet Acadiana and line dancing with Le Bon Temps. One of our favorite bands is Alligator Blue from Lafayette. This upbeat, fun Cajun-Zydeco band creates the perfect atmosphere to get everyone dancing, clapping, and singing along.

Our residents experience many benefits from Live and Local, including increased mobility, improved mood, and a higher quality of life. We’ve seen residents engage with the music in different ways. Those who are capable will sit or stand up to dance and some will sing along while others listen quietly as they get lost in the sweet serenade of a live guitar or violin.